Performance Program A, B, C & Marathon (Thursday)

Thursday 28 September 2017 (opening 11:00am)

at Cathedral Square ( venue info )
Cnr Cathedral Ave & St Georges Tce, Perth WA


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Program A, 11.45am $49.50 Allocation Exhausted
Program A, 1.00pm $49.50 Allocation Exhausted
Program A, 2.30pm $49.50 Allocation Exhausted

Program B, 11.45am $49.50 Allocation Exhausted
Program B, 1.00pm $49.50 Allocation Exhausted
Program B, 2.30pm $49.50 Allocation Exhausted

Program C, 11.45am $49.50 Allocation Exhausted
Program C, 1.00pm $49.50 Allocation Exhausted
Program C, 2.30pm $49.50 Allocation Exhausted

Marathon, 11.45am - 4.00pm $141.30 Allocation Exhausted

In September and October Perth’s Cathedral Square will be home to nine intimate performances tailor-made for an audience of one.

For the first time Proximity will take place across multiple locations during the day, with intimate one-on-one experiences embedded into the daily happenings of the Town Hall, St George’s Cathedral, The State Buildings, cafes and outdoor surrounds.

Select from Program A, B, C over 70 minutes or book to see all nine performances with a Marathon ticket in 4 hours.

Curated by Sarah Rowbottam and Kelli McCluskey.

18+ No ID, No Entry

Performances start at Perth Town Hal, Cnr Barrack and Hay St Perth

Program A

Shell Game 
Martyn Coutts (VIC)
Shell Game is a personal model for divination about the future. Placing you into the centre of the Spratly Islands, an international flashpoint where shipping, mango exports and the odd K-Pop star have been caught up in the maelstrom.
Is this for me? For those who seek safety and surety in an uncertain world.

The Ride
Cigdem Aydemir (NSW) 
Take a backseat ride through the Australian landscape as you become an extra on a film set. The Ride casts a cynical eye over the war on terror, subverting the power of the patriarchy in a playfully deviant way.
Is this for me? For those not afraid to role play in front of the camera.

Tresse // Passing – Don’t Touch My Hair
Hannah Bronte (QLD) 
Relax into this sonic encounter braiding political, poetic and power laden rap. Tresse // Passing is a personal narrative exploring culture down to the root. The Blak Matriarchy is alive and well. 
Is this for me? A raw, multi-sensory environment. Contains some coarse language.

Program B

Reflux of a Blush
Liam Colgan (WA)
Invoke the spirit of Andy Warhol’s muse, Candy Darling, in this invisible performance. Surrounded by daily urban bustle, Reflux of a Blush is a mosaic of everyday actions exploring queer visibility, freedom, and autonomy. 
Is this for me? A conspicuous encounter those who like to dissolve boundaries. 

Nat Randall (NSW) 
An exclusive interview. Nothing is off limits, everything is available. Taking the form of an up-close-and-personal interview, EXCLUSIVE is a 4-hour continuous performance exploring truth telling and the cultivation of celebrity in reality TV and talk shows.
Is this for me? Uncensored and live broadcast.

Let’s Make Love
Jennifer Jamieson (WA)
Is love a feeling or just a chemical effect of the natural hormone oxytocin?  Let’s find out and make some together. Take my hand and see how much love we can create.
Is this for me? A roving experience taking you to high places.

Program C

Tyrone Robinson (WA) 
What does it feel like to be the top of the food chain? Consent invites audiences to consider the value of a life and our capacity for empathy when confronted with our own power.
Is this for me? An experiment in human compassion. Involves artist nudity.

The Trees of St. George Square
Mike Bianco (USA/WA) 
What are the rights of non-human life forms? Listen closely to the history and politics embedded in the plants of St George Square in this multi-sensory walk.
Is this for me? A chance to champion botanical rights. Involves touching organic materials.

This Little Light of Mine
Rachael Dease (WA)
An intimate meditation exploring the algorithm of time lived, and time yet to come. Sink into a hypnotic ritual where old regrets are dismissed and new desires are illuminated. Can we really live every day like it’s our last? And even if we can, what does it mean to do so?
Is this for me? For those wanting to refocus their perspective.


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